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Why Instagram Makes Perfect Sense For Marketeers

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Whether you wish to promote your very own products or you work for a business which is keen on upping its marketing game, Instagram is the greatest available option online in order to do just that in a cost effective and successful manner.

Social media is a huge marketplace which is key to any type of digital marketing strategy and for me, the best ROI will come from Facebook and from Instagram. Personally, I think that Instagram is slowly overtaking Facebook in terms of where best to market your products and here is why.

One Hundred Percent Reach

Facebook tailors the news feeds of its users to give the information which it thinks that the user wants to see. The result of this for businesses is that much of their marketing content gets missed by its target market forcing them into paying for the reach which they are looking for. With Instagram you will get 100% reach on every piece of content which you put out there.

Visual Success

Instagram is a visual-only social media channel which doesn’t allow anything other than videos and photos to be uploaded. This is perfect for marketeers given that visual content is the most popular type of content in terms of engagement and you can be sure that when you use Instagram, that your content will have the best possible chance of success.

Investment Options

Through Instagram you can invest in ad campaigns like Facebook offers and I really think that they provide a better ROI than on their sister-site. Equally you can also invest in Instagram followers and automatic Instagram likes which can greatly enhance you engagement and ultimately your reach.

Mobile Impressions

Instagram is very much geared up for mobile usage, so much so in fact that the desktop site is highly limited. The reason why this is so perfect for marketeers is because mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop internet usage which means that you have an even bigger marketplace to play with on Instagram than you would do on another social media site such as Twitter or Facebook.


Not only does Instagram receive over 2 billion minutes of usage each and every month,it has been the fastest riser of all social media channels in the last 2 years and now it is second only to Facebook, a site which offers much more range of social activity. With such a wide marketplace to tap into, you simply cannot afford not to get involved with Instagram to market and promote your products and your brand.

Naturally Instagram will not be your only medium of marketing your brand, business or products but it should most definitely play a key part of any strategy which you are looking to employ. Million of businesses around the world have already realized the success which Instagram can give them, it is time you did too.

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