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How to Turn Off the Character Popups on the iOS 9 Keyboard

  There are some features such as Spell Check on the iPhone keyboard, which may be useful on the off chance that you utilize them, yet irritating if you are not utilizing them. Luckily a considerable lot of the practices that may trouble somebody when they are writing on their gadget can be turned on […]

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How to Create a Folder with No Name on Your iPhone or iPad

While arranging your Home screens on your iphone and ipadĀ , you have most likely seen that a default name is given to every organizer when you make it. An iOS gadget won’t give you a chance to erase the name and abandon it clear, however there is a trap to getting around this issue. When […]

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How to Install and Move Android Apps to the SD Card

        Most smartphones or Android phones accompany just 16 or 32GB of inward memory, quite a bit of which is as of now taken up by the working framework and preloaded programming. After you begin including your own applications, shooting photographs, downloading films and putting your music gathering on the gadget, you […]

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google crome for iOS, Android and Windows users

Google Chrome is one of the most favorite web browser of millions of iOS, Android and Windows users. People generally like to utilize it just because of its easily handle functionality and permits you to effortlessly import your inclinations and other program information crosswise over stages. While there’s probably about how valuable this component is, […]

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How to Activate WhatsApp Calling

  WhatsApp is revealing the voice calling highlight to all Android clients. Its, the most well known informing application on the planet which has more than 700 million month to month dynamic clients, as of late presented this element and at first it was accessible to just a modest bunch of clients. In any case, […]

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share huge documents online

Sharing documents through email is a typical task to do, and consistently we share various documents like archives, pictures and folders and so on. Most of the time, these documents are just a couple of MBs and can be shared effortlessly utilizing the 10MB greatest files range breaking point offered by most email services. Though, […]

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How to create groups in Gmail and Yahoo

    These days a great number of people who get to the web have an email account. Yahoo and Google Mail both are some of the most popular email service today on the web. Several number of people with a web account have accounts with these services. The sending and getting of email today […]

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Tips to restore your iPhone from iTunes

In case you’re having software issues with your device whether it is iPad or iPhone and you’ve depleted all your essential troubleshooting alternatives then restoring it is new fresh smart thought to do. Apart from that if you want to sell it then restoring it is a pretty much good idea while offering it down […]

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