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How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser

How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser

Animated GIFs might be a fun approach to zest up reactions on the social media, or get a point in the whole article – yet they might be annoying too, and take perpetually to stack if you’ve a slow connection. If you would rather not see them, here’s the manner by which to prevent them from consequently animating.

How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser

How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser

Animated GIFs are in fact pictures rather than videos, so tap to play modules and video-blocking augmentations like FlashBlock won’t prevent them from naturally playing. This used to be less demanding: You could simply press the “Esc” key to stop vivified GIFs on the present page. Be that as it may, Chrome never upheld this easy route, and Mozilla expelled it from cutting edge forms of Firefox. Regardless it works in Internet Explorer, yet it doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge.
So as to block GIFs from playing, you will have to do somewhat additional work.
It gives a toolbar button which switches movements on and off, as well. You’ll need to revive the present page to roll out your setting improvement produce results. Be that as it may, it squares activitys in an unexpected way, so it might work where Google’s augmentation won’t.
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox provides an implicit approach to prevent animated GIFs from playing, or to drive them to just play once.
To change this setting, press about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter button. You will see a notice instructing you to be vigilant here, as you could change settings you shouldn’t. Be cautious on this screen and don’t change any settings unless you realize what you’re doing. Click “I’ll be cautious, I guarantee!” to concur you’ve comprehended the notice.
Sort image.animation into the pursuit box on the about:config page. You’ll see a setting named image.animation_mode , which is set to ordinary of course. The “typical” conduct is to play each energized picture on rehash again and again.
Double tap the setting and set it to none to prevent enlivened GIFs from playing. You could likewise set it to once in the event that you need each enlivened GIF to play just once as opposed to rehashing again and again. You don’t need to restart Firefox in the wake of rolling out this improvement.
To fix this later, re-open the about:config screen and set this choice back to ordinary .
The above alternative works, yet it doesn’t give you much control. On the off chance that you need the capacity to all the more effectively flip vivified GIFs on and off, you’ll require a program expansion.
On the off chance that you’d like to once in a while play enlivened GIFs and at times prevent them from playing, introduce the Toggle Animated GIFs add-on. It will permit you to debilitate enlivened GIFs with a console alternate route, or incapacitate energized GIFs of course and pick whether you need to play them. It’s a superior arrangement in the event that you may now and again need to see the movements.
Subsequent to introducing the extra, make a beeline for menu > Add-ons > Extensions and snap the “Alternatives” catch by Toggle Animated GIFs. Arrange the extra to utilize your favored alternatives. For instance, you could set energized GIFs to crippled naturally and have them consequently play when you drift your mouse cursor over them.
Web Explorer
You can even now press the “Esc” key to prevent energized GIFs from playing in Internet Explorer. Press it after a page loads and the vivified GIFs on it will delay.
Web Explorer likewise incorporates a possibility for controlling whether vivified GIFs can play. To cripple GIF activitys totally, open Internet Explorer, tap the settings menu symbol, and select “Web Options.”
Click over to the “Propelled” tab, look down to the “Interactive media” area, and uncheck the “Play Animations in Webpages” choice. You’ll need to restart your PC for this setting to produce results, strangely.
After you do, Internet Explorer will no more play energized GIFs at all unless you re-empower this setting. There’s no real way to rapidly cripple the setting and play a GIF.
Microsoft Edge doesn’t yet offer an approach to prevent energized GIFs from playing, as it doesn’t bolster program augmentations. Program expansion backing is accompanying Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, so you if one day have the capacity to discover an Edge augmentation for this in the Windows Store.

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