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Fairtrak-Best Employee Activity Monitoring Software

It is very significant for an organization to understand how the workers are performing their task. By making use of employee activity monitoring or tracking software the holders would have controlled over their company.

Employee Activity Monitoring or Tracking Software

This software may be set up on the server or distant screen by your regional network. You can check online activities of all employees on your workplace network. It lets you check emails and attachments to stop safety breaches and hacker assails, also websites that are viewed and conversation messages. There is a middle server that accumulates typed keystrokes, detail for the use of different programs. Activity tracking software is an outstanding chance to grow output and your ROI.



In the present business world, systems are a reality of life. Each employee that you appoint would be employing a system that you provide to them. The fact is that various employees would misuse this opportunity and squander much of your valuable business time performing activities that are not work associated.

Key Attributes of Activity Monitoring Software

User tracking software involves a server and client side apps that can be distantly set up on any distant PC in the system and is totally imperceptible for the user. Various software firms provide with a range of key attributes. The most ordinary and employed are that you may simply see the desktop of every user; you possess the complete image of keystrokes, passcodes, email, chat discussions; you may take images of the distant PC screen on timetable. You may simply see without possessing your existence and have complete control on PC’s in the set-up.

Different Essential Benefits of Employee Activity Tracking

Employee activity tracking or monitoring may be accomplished on any system in the whole LAN and carry out distant checking of online activities from a system-single manager. This kind of software may provide you with huge performance to check what your employees perform and at the similar time it is somewhat suitable and simple to use. It offers you the most comprehensive detail on what, how and when your system users executed. This software may monitor user functions on the Internet you may clandestinely check an employee system with not any knowledge. It would represent you what your employees are performing presently at job – this may involve narration of viewed sites, individual messaging or conversation, apps and vocational programs, downloads and lot more. It may have keylogger, which lets not only checking what your employees type, but also document the data attained in a record file for extra thorough analysis. With employee activity checking you would overlook regarding employee online misuse issues and you would have serenity of mind for your trade productivity and safety.


It is best to understand if your employees are performing their task industriously or expending time on Internet throughout working hours. Thus, employee tracking activity is needed for individuals who wish to check their employees to get better workplace output and try hard to work excellence.

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